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In order to enhance the attractiveness of Užice for business investments, the city envisaged the development a new business zone, called “Sevojno D”, in the eastern part of the city. The area, covering about 32 ha is currently mainly characterized by agricultural use. The strategic advantage of the location for the development of a new business zone is its proximity to already existing industrial sites nearby. In a pilot project, implemented from 2011 until the end of 2012, AMBERO/ICON supported the plans of the Municipality of Užice through the elaboration of an urban design concept as a base for the elaboration of a Detailed Regulation Plan and a proposal for rearranging land parcels at the site by using the instrument of land reallocation.

Location width= Location of the site close to Užice

Sevojno The site of “Sevojno D”

Elaboration of an urban design concept

One of the preconditions for developing the existing area as a business zone is the elaboration of a Detailed Regulation Plan, as a legal basis for its development. Therefore, an urban design concept for the site has been elaborated in a first step of project implementation. Having analysed the current situation, as well as development goals, the urban design concept proposes the structure of land parcels, future land uses, areas for infrastructure, public and green areas and gives examples for the architectural design of buildings in the area.

Harmonizing the interests of different land owners

Based on the proposal for the future structure of land parcels from the urban design concept, a German expert, in close cooperation with the local administration, elaborated a proposal for a land reallocation plan.

Urban design concept Proposal for the Urban design concept for the site

The current situation in the area of “Sevojno D” is characterized by a great number of different owners, as well as ownership structures.

Sevojno current situation The current parcel structure at the site of “Sevojno D”

The instrument of land reallocation is used in order to restructure existing land parcels according to a planned development in the area, harmonizing the interests of different land owners. During the process of land reallocation, new ownership structures are established on modified land parcels. Land reallocation is a legally defined land exchange procedure, which enables the municipalities to realize an urban plan according to the approved regulations. As basic principles the re-distribution of new parcels relies on the equity of size and/or values, before and after the land reallocation process. Based on a Detailed Regulation Plan, the land reallocation process could be implemented by establishing a local committee, which would be responsible for developing a land reallocation plan, negotiating with the land owners and preparing the registration of the new lots in the property cadastre. Beside the adoption of a Detailed Regulation Plan, another important precondition to begin a land reallocation process at the site of “Sevojno D” would be the elaboration of a clear legal framework regulating land reallocation processes on national level. The project has submitted a proposal for a corresponding amendment of the planning and construction law and is now waiting for the adoption of the already presented draft of the new law.

Parcel structure before Current parcel structure at the site

Land reallocation proposal Proposal for land reallocation