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In the city of Subotica in northern Serbia, the GIZ project, implemented by AMBERO/ICON supported the municipality in the development of a GIS based information system on real estate market values. The city of Subotica was among the first cities in Serbia to introduce a functional Geographic Information System (GIS), which has been continuously upgraded and improved with new features throughout the years. From 2011 to 2012, the pilot project supported the Municipality in the elaboration of a data base on real estate market values as well as a new software solution for the spatial presentation, to be added to the already existing Geographic Information System. Additionally the pilot project served as a basis for further trainings and capacity development on real estate valuation methods.

Palic Subotica Park scenery at the Palić lake in Subotica

Information on real estate market values

Within Subotica, the cadastre municipality of Palić has been chosen as a pilot area for the implementation of the project and the testing of the elaborated software package. The basis of the system is the use of data on real estate sales between 2009 and 2011 that were provided by the national tax administration. An actual cadastral basis for the area was provided by the National Geodetic Authority (RGZ). The cooperation with both institutions was crucial for the implementation of the pilot project. The delivered data was used for the elaboration of an automatically generated map on average real estate sales values per m² for different types of objects (single family home, two family house, apartment building, industrial building, …) in different zones established within the whole area. The newly developed software solution enables the collection, management and spatial presentation of existing data on real estate values.

The new information system provides the Municipality of Subotica with reliable data on the local real estate market, including their own property in real estate. It can serve as a basis to strengthen the efficiency and local management capacities of the public administration itself, as well as for increasing the transparency and economical sustainability of the local real estate market. The provided data will support the Municipality in topics such as the improvement of their financial management, their strategic planning and reporting duties, to improve tax collection or to be used as a basis for indemnifications and compensation payments. Furthermore, the elaborated maps with information on average sales values on the local real estate market can be used by local evaluators, when estimating property values.

Working group Subotica Working group in Subotica

Best practice example for Serbia

The pilot project was awarded with a first price in the category of “Application of informational technology” at the Urban Planning Salon held in Leskovac on November 8th, 2012. The Urban Planning Salon is a traditional annual event organized by the Serbian Town Planners Association. The projects presented and awarded at the Urban Planning Salon represent a review of the most significant recent accomplishments in the fields of spatial and urban planning, urban design and its realizations within Serbia.

The positive experiences made in the implementation of the GIS based information system in Subotica, have been used for the implementation of similar systems in the Serbian cities of Valjevo and Zrenjanin and can serve as a best practice example for other municipalities in Serbia. Furthermore the experiences made in Subotica were presented as a best practice example in the discussions about the establishment of an official real estate valuation system on national level.

Information System Real estate values

Screenshots GIS Subotica Screenshots of the elaborated GIS based information system on real estate values

Award Subotica Award – 1st price Urban Salon Krusevac 2012