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The focus of the pilot project in Smederevo, implemented from 2011 to 2012, was encouraging the urban renewal of an inner-city area, called “Marina Smederevo”, an area situated at the confluence of the Danube and (previous) Jezava rivers, in direct neighbourhood to the old medieval fortress of Smederevo.

Area marina SmederevoArea of “Marina Smederevo”

Potentials for touristic development

The site has been used for commercial and industrial uses and it is today strongly neglected, not utilizing its potentials for touristic development. The Municipality of Smederevo intended to foster a new development at the site into an attractive and modern Marina. Therefore the city intended to elaborate a new Detailed Regulation Plan.

AMBERO/ICON supported this process through the elaboration of an urban design concept combined with a Feasibility Study, accompanied by early stakeholder involvement throughout the process.

Smederevo boatsToday’s use of the river basin in the area of “Marina Smederevo”

In a first step, through the proposal for the urban and architectural design of the area development objectives, future land uses and important infrastructure investments were defined.

A feasibility study for the development of a modern marina

Based on this, the Feasibility study analyzed different aspects, important for the development of a Marina in the area of the river basin, such as requirements related to protection of cultural monuments, water management, urban planning and ownership. Having analyzed the technical aspects of the feasibility of the project, the study evaluates its economic feasibility based on a first cost calculation for the project implementation, the maintenance of the site and the expected revenues over the next ten years after its completion. The early integration of local key stakeholders into the planning process provided important technical information, enabling the elaboration of an integrated concept, considering different aspects important for the development of the area. As a new participation method for the early involvement of important local stakeholders, the feasibility study and urban design concept were also presented at a conference, attended by about 130 participants.

Feasibility SmederevoFeasibility study: Calculation of the investment costs

Participation SmederevoParticipation event in Smederevo

The elaborated documents, including a project brochure, as well as the urban and architectural design model, provide the Municipality with an important base for the presentation of the project to relevant local stakeholders and their further planning activities, as well as for attracting possible investors. They were also presented at the international real estate trade fair “Expo Real” in Munich in October 2012, in order to attract the interest of possible investors in the project implementation.

Model Smederevo mapUrban design concept for the Marina

Model SmederevoPresentation of the model for the urban design concept for the Marina at a local stakeholder conference