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The city of Niš and AMBERO/ICON are cooperating on the revitalization of an under-utilized and industrial site in the eastern part of the city since 2011, called “Industrial Zone East Niš”.

Overview site Nis Overview of the site

The industrial zone comprises an area of approximately 52 ha, that were formerly within the premises of the public company Elektronska Industrija – EI Niš (now called EI Holding), founded in 1948. The economic regression of the enterprise began in 1991, the number of employees was drastically reduced. In the course of opening Serbia towards a market-oriented economy since the year 2000 and within nationwide process of privatization of public enterprises, buildings of the EI Holding in Niš have been already sold to private investors. Due to various reasons the privatization process for the area is not yet finished.

Challenging preconditions for the revitalization of the old industrial site

Factors such as the poor condition of the available buildings, unclear ownership structures, a lack of information on available infrastructure, or the availability of great areas on greenfield sites for industrial development within the city and its surroundings, turn the redevelopment of the site into a modern location for industrial production and research & development very challenging.

Abandoned building Nis 1

Abandoned building Nis 2 Abandoned industrial buildings

The elaboration of a new Detailed Regulation Plan for the area of the “Industrial Zone East Niš” shall provide the basis for the revitalisation of the site and guide its future development. In this context, the pilot project in cooperation of the Municipality of Niš and AMBERO/ICON provided technical support in the analysis of different development opportunities previous to the elaboration of the draft plan. Furthermore, the pilot project supported the Municipality with the elaboration of a technical and informational basis for the further promotion of the area to future investors.

Offering information for future investment decisions

As a first step towards the re-development of the industrial zone, during the first phase of the pilot project, from 2011 to the end of 2012, AMBERO/ICON supported the Municipality with the elaboration of a “Pre-feasibility Study”, an „Atlas of Sites“ and a “Building Registry”.

Building registry Nis The building registry

Technical infrastructure Nis Documentation of the technical infrastructure at the site. Source: Virtual Architecture

The “Atlas of Sites”, contains all relevant information, necessary for secure and successful investment decisions, such as cadastral maps, orthophoto images, technical plans or an inventory of available infrastructure.

The “Building Registry” is a systematic inventory of all existing buildings still remaining to EI-Holding within the planning area. It contains all important information about use, ownership, condition, volume, area or available infrastructure and can also serve as an information base for the future use of the buildings and investment decisions.

In order to further investigate the competitiveness of the industrial site and to give further input for the elaboration of the Detailed Regulation Plan and the further development of the area, a “Pre-feasibility Study” was conducted. Within the study, urban development opportunities have been analysed and a new land use concept within the industrial zone has been proposed. Furthermore the Pre-feasibility Study discussed the question of a new parcelling of the zone.

The Department for Urban Planning and Construction of the City Administration is currently elaborating a Detailed Regulation Plan for the further development of the industrial area, based on the experiences and results from the pilot project. The new plan is expected to be adopted in the beginning of the year 2014.

In 2013, the city and the GIZ project decided to continue their cooperation by the development of a GIS-based utility cadastre for the area of the industrial zone. The development of a utility cadastre, containing all relevant information on the availability of technical infrastructure in the area, will be an important asset in order to attract new investors into the old industrial area. In a next step, it should also be used as a model for the development of a utility cadastre for the whole urban area of Niš.

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