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In the Municipality of Kladovo, in eastern Serbia, the GIZ project implemented by AMBERO-ICON gave technical support for the development of a new urban quarter for residential and commercial use. The pilot project was implemented from 2010 to 2012 and focused on the elaboration of an urban development and design concept for the area, as well as the introduction of early stakeholder involvement as an informal instrument within the planning procedure. The results of the process should form the basis for the elaboration of a new Detailed Regulation Plan and in order to achieve a sustainable development of the site.

Orthophoto Jugovo Orthophoto of the site

Development of a new city quarter

Due to the need of new construction land within the area of the city, the Municipality of Kladovo has been trying to regulate and develop a new city quarter in the zone of Jugovo for a number of years. The zone covering roughly 53 ha of land is an area with high potentials, situated in the close vicinity of the town’s centre. The development of the selected site close to the city centre would contribute to the inner-city development of Kladovo.

The General Urban Plan of Kladovo foresees the zone’s residential, services, skilled trades and crafts, commercial and communal use. So far, the municipal authorities have encountered a variety of difficulties in the implementation of this project, such as the complex situation of land ownership, an irregular land parcellation, already existing structures mostly built alongside the peripheral roads, a transformer station and many overhead power lines crossing the area and being an obstacle for new construction activities.

Jugovo Kladovo Current situation at the site

Ensuring rational land use in the area

The first step of vitalizing the area for a new urban development was the elaboration of an urban development and design concept, in order to ensure a functional and rational development of the site. Therefore, for its elaboration, factors such as the current condition of the urban environment and development goals of the Municipality were considered and analysed and the capacities and restrictions of the location were examined, discussing different planning solutions.

Facilitation of communication processes for development

The challenge of the process was to introduce new participatory approaches, understanding the needs and demands of the market, as well as of different local stakeholders. During the development of the concept, all relevant local stakeholders were actively involved into discussions on the future land use and urban design of the site. The municipality administration organized several meetings which were attended by representatives of the local administration and public enterprises as well as representatives of the planning commission.

Working group Kladovo Working Group meeting

After presentations on different technical aspects, the participants discussed the different demands and needs, possible problems and obstacles, as well as different alternatives for the development of the site. The involvement of stakeholders in a very early stage of the planning procedure contributed to the transparency of the process and served as a valuable source of support and information for the development of the concept. The discussions contributed to finding solutions for pending development conflicts and the results were incorporated into the concept. As a result of the work in discussion groups, for instance, the local institution for power distribution agreed on the reallocation of the transformer station and overhead power lines within the area that had long been an obstacle for the further development of the site.

The result of the process is an urban development and design concept that proposes a mixed use area for commercial use and housing. The concept further defines the urban structure and design of the planning area, areas for technical infrastructure, traffic, as well as public and green areas.

Kladovo Urban design concept Concept for urban development in the area of Jugovo

The example of Kladovo shows that new participatory approaches, introduced prior to the elaboration of a draft for a new Detailed Regulation Plan, can successfully contribute to finding adequate urban solutions to obstacles for the new development of a site.

Though the formal planning procedure for the development of a Detailed Regulation Plan for the site of Jugovo has not been concluded yet, the elaboration of the urban development and design concept provides the Municipality of Kladovo with a solid base for further decisions.