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The focus of the pilot project implemented in cooperation with the Municipality of Kraljevo during 2011 and 2012 was the revitalisation of a former industrial and commercial zone. The area, named “Industrial Zone – Sports Airfield”, has had a long history as an industrial zone since the end of the First World War. Since 1922 it has been housing for instance the production of train waggons, small airplanes and magnesite products. At the moment, the production at the site has been stopped; parts of the public enterprise are within the nation-wide privatisation process.

A new concept for market-oriented development

The GIZ project, implemented by AMBERO/ICON supported the process of drafting a new General Regulation Plan for the site and the adjacent agricultural land through the elaboration of two feasibility studies, as well as the strengthening of participatory approaches within the process. The two elaborated feasibility studies analysed different possibilities for the development of a new land use and marketing concept in order to enhance a market-oriented development of the industrial zone. The results of those analyses have been incorporated into the urban development concept for the site.

Land use zones Kraljevo1 Land use zones in the area

Participation during the process

The project supported the implementation of new participation methods within the process of drafting of the new plan. Thus it encouraged the dialogue between different local actors that would be important for the implementation of a new plan. Important local stakeholders were involved in round table discussions about the future of the area at an early stage in order to gather and discuss ideas and concerns, as well as to facilitate the exchange of relevant technical information.

Participation Kraljevo Participation in the planning process

The citizens were involved in the process through the realization of a public inquiry on the draft plan. The draft plan therefore was on display at the city hall of Kraljevo for 30 days, the public inquiry was announced on the official web presentation of the city, in order to ensure full transparency of and public participation within the process. After the conclusion of the public inquiry, the submitted objections and adopted decisions were discussed in a public session of the planning commission. The results of the discussions were comprised in a public inquiry report, which was forwarded to all institutions responsible for the adoption and implementation of the plan.

GRP Kraljevo1 Land use plan of the General Regulation Plan

The new General Regulation Plan for the area “Industrial zone – Sports Airfield” was adopted in July of 2013.

Information for Investors: GIS-based location information system / location atlas and building registry

Furthermore, the pilot project supported the development of a GIS-based information system. This “Atlas of sites” or “Building registry” contains a systematic inventory of all existing buildings within the planning area with all the information relevant for future investors on available land and buildings (including actual land use, ownership situation, condition, volume, area, traffic infrastructure, technical infrastructure etc.). The elaborated information system is part of a modern marketing concept, in order to enhance the promotion of the area to new investors and support the local business development.

Building registry Kraljevo Excerpt of the elaborated building registry

Screenshot Kraljevo1 Excerpt from the GIS-based location information system