Despotovac – New instruments for the elaboration of a Detailed Regulation Plan for a new a residential area

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In Despotovac, southeast from Belgrade, AMBERO/ICON supported the Municipality in the development of a Detailed Regulation Plan for a new residential area in the years of 2011 and 2012. The aim of the different activities realized in this context was to contribute to increased efficiency, quality and transparency in the planning process through the introduction and strengthening of new planning approaches.

Feasibility study with integrated Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment (SEA)

two locations Despotovac The 2 locations for a new housing area

In a first step, a comparative feasibility study was elaborated in order to compare two possible sites outside the already urbanized area of the Municipality concerning their suitability for the development of a new residential area in aspects of expected environmental impact and urban quality. After the decision of the city council for one of the two location options, an urban design concept was elaborated, which served as a base for the development of the Detailed Regulation Plan and an integrated Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment.

Elaboration of an urban design concept

The study realized in order to propose an urban design concept explored the possibilities for building a new residential zone and ancillary amenities and evaluated the actual spatial potentials and limitations of the site concerning the varieties of the urban setting, types of housing, transportation, public and green spaces and land parcellation.

Modell Wohngebiet Despotovac The urban design concept

Detailed Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment (SEA) for the selected location

A Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment elaborated parallel to the urban plan helped to analyse in more detail topics such as for instance possible compensation measures in order to compensate and reduce negative impacts, expected from the implementation of the plan on the environment (amongst others energy efficiency and waste water management).

Early participation of citizens and local stakeholders

All steps of the preparation of the draft for the new Detailed Regulation Plan have been accompanied by the early integration of citizens and relevant public institutions. The newly introduced participatory approaches contributed to the transparency of the planning process and shall strengthen the later acceptance when implementing the plan. Consequently, important local stakeholders (representatives of the local government, members of the Planning Commission, representatives of public enterprises and local institutions and citizens) were involved in a number of discussion groups, workshops and presentations during the preparation of the comparative location study and the urban design concept.

info point Despotovac Info point in Despotovac

At a street stand, that was organized in a central place of Despotovac during one day, the citizens were informed about the plans for the development of the new residential area, and about the future steps in the elaboration of the Detailed Regulation Plan. The same place was also used as a distribution point for flyers and brochures announcing the workshop “Choice catalogue”. This workshop with stakeholders and citizens was organized in order to present and discuss the topics of public spaces, housing types, landscaping, fences and facades within the new residential area. About 60 interested citizens took part in a workshop organized at the local cultural centre and were able to vote for their preferred designs. The results of the workshop were included into the final draft for the Detailed Regulation Plan.

A new parcel structure – land reallocation as a new instrument for the implementation of the Detailed Regulation Plan

The new Detailed Regulation Plan was adopted in December 2012. The new Detailed Regulation Plan includes a new parcel structure that has elaborated within the activities of the pilot project as a basis for a land reallocation process in the area. For the further development of the chosen area into construction land, the parcels within the area should be newly divided according to the demands of the Detailed Regulation Plan. A new parcellation at the site shall be performed in a next step, using the instrument of land reallocation. To realize this, the Municipality is currently awaiting the adoption of a corresponding by-law from the Ministry of Construction and Urban Planning.

Parcel structure1 Despotovac

Parcel structure2 Despotovac Parcel structure before and after land reallocation