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The municipality of Čačak has been cooperating with AMBERO/ICON in the development of a pilot project on the further development of the municipal land information system since 2011.

Meeting Cacak Meeting of the working group for the implementation of the pilot project

Increasing transparency and simplifying administrative processes

The main goals of the pilot project is the improved provision of information on usage possibilities, constraints and general regulations resulting from spatial and urban plans, concerning individual cadastre parcels within the municipality. This goal shall be achieved by the implementation of a web-based geographic information system (Web-GIS). Herewith, the project shall contribute to an increased transparency and simplification of administrative processes, making this information available for different departments of the public administration itself, citizens and possible interested investors on the homepage of the municipality.

Promotion of underutilized parcels in the inner-city area

Furthermore, the implementation of the Web-GIS shall be used as the base for the elaboration and subsequently the publication of a cadastre of underutilized areas within the inner-city of Čačak. This cadastre of underutilized areas shall support the municipality in analysing potentials for construction and reconstruction and promoting those parcels for new investments.

Webpage CacakDetailed Regulation Plans available on the webpage of the Municipality of Čačak

DRP Cacak Detailed Regulation Plan of the historic centre of Čačak in pdf-format

The main activities of the first phase of the project, from 2011 to 2012 have been the publishing of all existing spatial and urban plans for Čačak as pdf-files on the municipalities’ homepage, as well as the elaboration of a UML-data model for the transfer of the spatial and urban plans, so far generally elaborated in Auto CAD format, to a new web-based geographic information system. Based on the results obtained by the discussions on an adequate data model, AMBERO/ICON established a working group for the elaboration of a regulation on the standardization of land use classifications for the different kinds of spatial and urban maps.

The main focus of the second phase of the pilot project in Čačak is the final implementation of the Web-GIS, as well as the elaboration and publication of the cadastre on underutilized areas within the inner-city.

data model The UML data model