In cooperation with the Ministry of constructions, traffic and infrastructure (MCTI), Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities (SCTM/SKGO), GIZ/AMBERO Project has organized Urban laboratory workshop with the topic of “Open data”.

In total, 5 presentations were shown during the workshop, the Ministry (MCTI), Republic geodetic authority, consultant of the Ambero project from Germany, CISS TDI company from Germany and the PhD student from the University of applied sciences in Bochum, Germany. The workshop was attended by the representatives of the MCTI and some representatives of local self-governments (Sabac and Smederevo) and entrepreneurs in the field of planning.

After the introduction part, presentations were shown. The first one was by the Ministry (MCTI), Mrs. Ljiljana Zivkovic PhD has presented the initiative of open data of the Directorate for urban development in the Republic of Serbia and their perspective. The conclusions are that this initiative of open data is in its development phase and wider use of open data is yet to come, which will contribute to the development of e-government and data exchange, in this case by citizen’s participation in spatial and urban planning in the Republic of Serbia.

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The second presentation was by Mr. Jürgen Vahlhaus from Regional administration in Recklinghausen in Germany. He spoke about Governmental Open data (OD) in general, principals of the Sunlight Foundation, position of Serbia in the World’s list of OD, goals and preconditions, the purpose of use of OD, legal basis, political will, review of geo-data and its significance, licensing, metadata, marketing and the best practices.

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Next presentation from company CISS TDI followed, which was jointly presented by Mr. Markus Lindner and Mr. Richard Figura. They have shown the use of CISS software by using OD but also by using so called “closed data”. The subject of OD generates a lot of attention among many interested parties, businesses, institutes, universities, economy etc. They have shown the social and economic side of use of OD, which such type of data offers. In the presentation, there were reviewed user goals, challenges, technical aspects, warehousing, mobility, data safety and the costs aspect of introduction and use of OD. They also presented CISS web-shop solution, historical development, functionality and the various data types that could be offered for sale via the web-shop.

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The next presentation was from the Serbian geodetic authority (RGA/RGZ), presented by Mr. Darko Vucetic. He spoke about the massive importance of geo-spatial data in the processes of decision making. Next he has shown the structure of national institutions in charge with production and safekeeping of the geo-data, address register, adoptability of RGZ’s development strategy till year 2020, necessary conditions for offering OD to the public, legal basis, National geo-portal GeoSrbija and the NSDI (National Spatial Data Infrastructure).

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The last presented presentation was from the side of German PhD student Mr. Christian Müller from the University of Applied Sciences in Bochum, Germany. His presentation has shown in a original manner usage of OD in spatial simulations for sustainable urban planning.

Despite the actuality of the subject of OD, the workshop was not well attended and we consider that as a pity because the participants could have heard first hand German experiences which already have a longer history. On the other side, participants have actively contributed and discussed every presentation and that exactly is the goal of organizing such a workshops, to establish a dialogue on certain subjects in the field of urban planning, exchange the latest experiences and widen the network of professionals who are active in that particular field.

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