17. April 2018: New pilot project of E-Government started in Sombor

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The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, the city of Sombor and GIZ/AMBERO on the common activities in the pilot project regarding the implementation of electronic urban planning process was signed in Sombor.


This way, all new urban plans should be available online,both for planning professionals as well as for citizens. In addition to that, the citizen-user only needs to have internet browser and doesn’t need any kind of a specialized CAD software, nor software knowledge.

Apart from the possibility of a direct insight into plans, the access to plans is also enabled any time of the day or night, regardless from the working hours of planning institutions. There is also the possibility for the citizens to submit their objections anytime, ofcourse with respect for the legal deadlines for the public participation. That way, public participation in planning should increase significantly, in the sense of submitting objections, proposals, initiatives etc., since there is no need to physically visit the planning institution for submitting objections, since this can be done electronically, over the internet, from the comfort of one’s home.

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The introduction of this kind of a new access to urban planning will also enable faster processing of plans, since all the authorized institutions will be able to access the plans online, without the need of them being physically exchanged and waiting until they are relocated from one institution to another for further processing. The need of printing the plans which are in the development phase could be reduced, and due to that also the need for their storage. This way, it would also be possible to make some savings in the process of plan development.

After the signing of the MoU, the representatives of the company Tetraeder from Dortmund, Germany, demonstrated the system of electronic access to plans which this company has developed and which is being successfully implemented in more than 110 municipalities in Germany, in 2500 public authorities within 15000 participation processes annually. If the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure supports this kind of a decentralized access to the online development of plans, the demonstrated solutions could be practically implemented and tested within the pilot-project in Sombor during the year 2018.

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