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In cooperation with the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure (MCTI) and the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities, the GIZ/AMBERO project has organized another Urban Lab. This time, the main topic and the title of the Urban Lab was „E-Government“.

There were five presentations at the conference, coming from the Ministry (MCTI), the Government Office for IT and E-Government of the Republic of Serbia, the National Geodetic Authority and the company tetraeder.com from Dortmund, Germany which had two presentations. Among the present participants there were representatives of the Ministry (MCTI), local self-governments (Kraljevo, Nis, Sabac), as well as a group of students from the Faculty of Architecture and the Faculty of Geography.

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Mr Sinisa Trkulja, PhD, from the Ministry (MCTI) presented the Central Registry of Planning Documents and the publication Land Use Code, united procedures of drafting the planning documents, united spatial data, the National Geospatial Data Infrastructure (NGDI) and sustainable development goals.

Mrs Dragana Zivkovic Jovanovic presented the organization and activities of the Government Office for IT and E-Government, the sectors within the Office, eZUP and the network od insitutions using the system. The technology of electronic payment via credit cars and preparation of payment via POS-terminals was also discussed. Mrs Zivkovic Jovanovic also tackled aspects of development of information systems and electronic government, network and data centres, information security, standardization, certification, training, international projects and the accompanying legal regulation.

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Mr Stephan Wilforth, PhD, the director of the company tetraeder.com from Dortmund demonstrated a software solution for online digital planning, drafting plans in compliance with the INSPIRE directive and public participation in his first presentation. Their solution is being implemented in more than 110 municipalities in Germany, more than 2500 public institutions have access to the platform, and about 15000 participation processes are being covered by the platform annually.

Mr Nemanja Paunic from the National Geodetic Authority, Centre for Geodata Management, held a presentation with the title „Find. Connect. Show.“ He presented services of the National Geodetic Authority on the E-Government portal, the eZUP, the NGDI, the digital platform, GeoSerbia, the national metacatalogue, current status and challenges. Mr Paunic has also presented networking of the National Geodetic Authority with other public authorities on the central and local level, which should help institutions to focus on faster and more efficient providing services to the citizens.

At the end of the workshop, Mr Wilforth presented the common cooperation with the AMBERO CONSULTING project on the digital participation project in Sombor. Considering that the project in Sombor is still in the development phase, some of the experiences from the practical implementation which are expected for the future still haven’t been shown.

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After every presentation, there was around ten minutes of free space for asking questions, giving comments and suggestions, which was intensively used by the participants. A group of present students also took part in the discussions and questions which is very praiseworthy, since they are the next generation which will be implementing these activities in the everyday practice.

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