Working group meeting in Kragujevac, 20. 06. 2017

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A meeting of the working group for the revitalisation of the former industrial area „Vojno-tehnički Zavod” took place on the 20th of June in Kragujevac. At the beginning of the meeting the representatives of the planning enterprise from Kragujevac “Urbanizam”, presented the results achieved so far in the cooperation with the GIZ / AMBERO project and suggested to now start with the elaboration of a Detailed Regulation Plan (DRP) which incorporates the protection of the cultural heritage and environmental issues. The AMBERO team reminds that in 2014, after the development of the Urban Design Proposal of ASTOC enterprise, the area was declared as a cultural good of great importance for the state. This decision requires a close cooperation during the planning process with the National Heritage Institute, which will be in charge of executing special conservation studies within the planning procedure. These studies will contribute to finding the best way to preserve the valuable cultural heritage and develop this area in line with the cultural heritage conditions. Moreover, environmental aspects, particularly the soil pollution needs to be analysed in detail and this could be done within the planning procedure so that the results can be used for the Strategic Environmental Assessment as an integral part of the DRP.

The DRP would prove the necessary legal certainty for the successful implementation of the jointly elaborated urban design proposal. Giving these facts, the AMBERO team also suggested starting a Detailed Regulation Plan. In the discussion, members of the working group emphasized that the decision to draft a Detailed Regulation Plan needs to be coordinated with other associates and professional services. At the end of the meeting, all members of the working group agreed that there is a need for drafting a DRP. It was decided to present the topics addressed in the meeting, in particular the initiative for starting a DRP, to the Mayor of the City of Kragujevac in order to get a final decision.

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