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Within the cooperation of the Republic Geodetic Authority (RGA) and the GIZ/AMBERO/ICON project, a study trip to the Intergeo Fair 2017 in Berlin took place in the end of September. The aim of the visit was that the RGA representatives get familiar with the newest development trends for a web shop solution, in order to use this knowledge for drafting a strategy for the development of Internet sales of their own products. The first steps in the development of the strategy were defined during a workshop which took place in the end of May 2017 in the RGA.

At the Intergeo, meetings and conversations with the representatives of the enterprises CISS-TDI and Airbus and the representatives from the University Bochum took place. Despite some principal differences (the newest trend is the orientation towards the cloud solutions for the storage of data bases, which collides with the current orientation of RGA), the conversations were very successful and they gave the opportunity of considering a variety of technical details, which should set the right direction for the future development of the web shop solution in the RGA. Other than that, the contacts made during the Intergeo visit have high importance for the future communication of the experts from RGA with the leading world enterprises which develop such solutions.

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