The first workshop with landowners in Sremska Mitrovica

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In the beginning of May 2017, the first meeting with a group of landowners within the land readjustment pilot project „PROSTORNI BLOK IZMEĐU ULICA SEVERNI BEDEM, KRALJA PETRA I, STARI ŠOR, JUPITEROVA I JOVANA CVIJIĆA“ took place in Sremska Mitrovica.

The meeting was intended to inform the landowners about the principles of land readjustment, intentions of the city planners and benefits of land readjustment in comparison to the traditionally used expropriation procedure. The workshop was led by Mr. Frank Wagener, Ambero expert, Head of the Department of Land Readjustment in the City of Wiesbaden in Germany. After the presentation, the participants had the opportunity to ask questions regarding the planned changes in construction land, each step in the realization process and the influence of land readjustment measures on their property status as well as to express their own perception of the proposed procedures.

At the end, the participants were offered a possibility to take part in individual consulting sessions with the project representatives, within which the personal ownership situation, as well as all the measures foreseen for the realization of the pilot project, could be discussed. Taking into account that this is a completely new way of land management in Serbia and due to the lack of practical experience regarding the implementation of land readjustment, an impression prevails that it is necessary to work on the education of landowners and municipal employees more intensively, since they should be the carriers and implementers of the land readjustment works.

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