The first workhop with landowners in Medvedja

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20170222_Snapshot_area_Gvozdic_potokIn the end of June 2017, the first meeting with a group of landowners in the land readjustment pilot project „Stambena zona Medveđa zapadtook place in Medveđa.

The meeting was intended to inform the landowners about the basic principles of land readjustment, planned changes within the General Regulation Plan and the advantages of land readjustment for the purpose of establishing new public areas.

The workshop was led by Mr. Frank Diefenbach, Ambero expert with rich practical experience acquired in land readjustment projects, coming from German state North Rhine-Westphalia. After the presentation of basic principles and the case of Medveđa itself, the participants had the opportunity to ask questions regarding the planned changes in construction land and the impact of the foreseen land readjustment measures on their property status, as well as to express their own perception of the proposed procedures.

At the end, the participants were offered a possibility to take part in individual consulting sessions with the Ambero project representatives and discuss their personal ownership situation and the foreseen changes in the course of the implementation of the pilot project. Although the scope of the project in question is relatively small, not all of the landowners attended the meeting. Considering that during the land readjustment procedure changes of the size and the form of parcels are being undertaken, it is necessary to include all the landowners in the land readjustment procedure from the very beginning, as well as to ensure their consent. The first draft of the land re-allotment plan is supposed to be developed in the coming period and subsequently presented to the participants of the project in Medveđa.